Seniors in Transition Services

Scenic Logo - Moving to a Retirement Community.

When seniors decide to transition by either moving to a continuing care community, a smaller home/condo or perhaps back with their children, Seniors Living Well can assistance them beginning with pre-move services:

  • Prepare a timeline and and a moving plan
  • Prepare a floor plan for the new home using current belongings
  • Coordinate with a Northern Virginia or other local real estate company for sale of the home
  • Assist in the hiring of a moving company
  • Facilitate compassionate Mediation between family members
  • Downsize belongings to a manageable amount for the new home
  • Arrange for Estate Sale of valuable household items
  • Donate furniture, clothes, household goods to a local Northern Virginia or other favorite charity
  • Prepare the pre-move paperwork such as the change of address information, notice to professionals
  • Pack special belongings for shipment to relatives, storage, or carrying them to the new home
  • Shop for new furniture, window treatments, artwork, and other new design pieces as necessary for the new spaces

And on moving day – we offer services to include:

  • Oversight of all packing and moving activities.
  • Meet the movers at the new home to coordinate unpacking and furniture placement
  • Hang pictures, prepare kitchen, bedrooms and baths so the senior who is moving can have a move-in-ready home.

When seniors decide to stay in their homes and Age In Place , Seniors Living Well can assist them to recreate a safe, new environment. Our expert senior specialists can:

  • Assess the home for safety
  • Downsize and declutter the existing home and sort for donating, sale, and/or tossing the existing household belongings that represent a lifetime of memories.
  • Offer services of a redesign specialist to create new and different spaces that meet the needs and demands of the senior clients.
  • Coordinate with Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) and contractors who understand universal design for the aging and install safety measures in the home to help prevent falls and to make the home more “senior friendly”
  • Find local sources for at home services that may be needed